The List: Products We Recommend To Reduce Your Toxin Burden

Over the years Dr. Emily has been an upper cervical chiropractor, she has had patients ask for recommendations for certain products or how they can reduce the toxins and chemicals in their lives. After all, the lower the toxin burden in our bodies, the better our bodies can respond to chiropractic care, workouts at the gym, and other healthy life choices. As we develop this list, we may eventually separate it out into separate pages, but for now we hope you find this collection of products helpful. Disclaimer: We may receive a very small commission for any products you buy using the links on this page.


The Perfect Health Diet - Buy Paperback on Amazon :: Listen on Audible

It Starts With Food - Buy Hardcover on Amazon :: Listen on Audible

The Whole 30 - Buy Hardcover on Amazon :: Read on Kindle / Unlimited

The Whole 30 Fast and Easy Cookbook - Buy Hardcover on Amazon :: Read on Kindle

The Whole 30 Slow Cooker Cookbook - Buy Hardcover on Amazon :: Read on Kindle


Ultima - Zero Sugar Cherry Pomegranate 30 serving Ultima and other flavors :: Zero Sugar Peach Bellini 90 serving Ultima (other flavors available in this size as well)

Redmond Re-Lyte Hydration - Zero Sugar Strawberry Lemonade Re-Lyte Hydration and other flavors

LMNT - Zero Sugar Electrolytes Variety Pack

Home - Bed and Bath

Bath Sheets (2 oversized towels) - Fabdreams Organic Cotton - Buy on Amazon

Bath Towel Set (2 towels, 2 hand towels, 2 washcloths) - Fabdreams Organic Cotton - Buy on Amazon

Bed Sheets - Fabdreams Organic Long Staple Cotton - Buy on Amazon

Mattresses - Organic and Fewer Toxins via: My Green Mattress

If there's a product you love that is low in toxins and think it should be included on the list, let us know! We'd love to hear from you! We look at all of the ingredients to ensure there are as few toxins as possible when making these recommendations. That means we tend to favor organic, no artificial dyes, no artificial flavorings, no artificial fragrances, etc. If you're not sure about some of the ingredients in your existing products, feel free to ask us! You can also check out sites like EWG - Environmental Working Group - and ThinkDirty.