vertigo relief in Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Chiropractor, Fort Wayne IN Chiropractic

Identifying BPPV and Finding Vertigo Relief in Fort Wayne

vertigo relief in Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Chiropractor, Fort Wayne IN Chiropractic

Do you ever wake up feeling like the room is spinning as soon as you get out of bed? Have you experienced moments where the simple act of turning your head in the morning triggers intense dizziness? Do you find it difficult to concentrate on work because sudden bouts of vertigo interrupt your focus? Do you avoid tasks involving quick head movements due to fear of triggering your symptoms? Have you ever had a close call at home, such as stumbling or falling, because vertigo struck at an unexpected moment? 

Are you seeking effective vertigo relief in Fort Wayne, hoping to discover a way that frees up your symptoms? Vertigo can disrupt your world and be more than just a fleeting inconvenience. Let’s help you plan your next steps so you can better navigate day-to-day challenges brought on by your symptoms.


Key Takeaways: Lasting Vertigo Relief in Fort Wayne is Possible

  • BPPV is a common cause of vertigo. It’s triggered by dislodged crystals in the inner ear, disrupting balance signals to the brain.
  • Symptoms of BPPV include: Brief but intense dizziness, feeling like the world is spinning, and involuntary eye movements. Certain head movements often worsen symptoms.
  • Relief options exist. The Epley maneuver (and other canalith repositioning techniques), as well as vestibular rehabilitation therapy, are common treatments.
  • Medication offers temporary relief. Vestibular suppressant medications can reduce the severity of dizziness and nausea if other remedies aren’t immediately effective.
  • Atlas subluxation can be a hidden trigger. Misalignment in the top neck bone (Atlas) can interfere with nerve function and contribute to BPPV.
  • Upper Cervical Care may provide vertigo relief in Fort Wayne. NUCCA chiropractors use gentle, targeted adjustments to address atlas misalignments, potentially helping ease BPPV symptoms and improve overall well-being.


The Unseen Culprit: How BPPV Sets Its Course

The vestibular system, a complex network responsible for balance, delicately maintains your body’s equilibrium. Enter BPPV, where dislodged crystallized particles in the otolith organs, receptors sensitive to gravity, wreak havoc. These tiny intruders disrupt the smooth communication between your body and brain, leading to unpredictable imbalance.

Identifying BPPV requires a keen eye for specific symptoms that set it apart. Have you ever experienced sudden, intense, and brief bouts of dizziness? Does the world seem to spin when you lie down? Are involuntary eye movements (nystagmus) making an appearance? If these symptoms resonate with you, BPPV might be the culprit behind your vertigo episodes.


Available Care Options: Navigating the Vertigo Maze

One option to help you ease your vertigo is the Epley maneuver, also known as canalith repositioning. This technique aims to guide those dislodged crystals back to a position where they won’t trigger vertigo. Besides the Epley Maneuver, there are other effective options to consider:

  • Canalith Repositioning Procedures (CRPs):  These specialized maneuvers, designed to reposition the dislodged crystals in your inner ear, include:
    • The Semont Liberatory Maneuver: Another effective CRP performed by a trained healthcare professional.
    • The Lempert or Gufoni Maneuver: A less common CRP, but still a potential option for repositioning crystals in specific cases.
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT): If BPPV persists, VRT can help your brain adapt and retrain to compensate for inner ear dysfunction. This specialized physical therapy teaches your body to rely less on the malfunctioning signals from your inner ear.
  • Medication: While not a direct treatment for BPPV, vestibular suppressants (e.g., meclizine or diazepam) can sometimes provide temporary relief from severe nausea or dizziness if other remedies are not immediately effective.
  • Surgery: A very rare last resort, surgery for BPPV might be considered only when all other treatments fail and the condition is significantly impacting your life.
  • Atlas adjustment: Upper Cervical Chiropractors specializing in techniques like NUCCA focus on correcting misalignments in the Atlas bone (the top vertebra in your neck). These gentle adjustments can potentially address underlying issues that contribute to BPPV by improving nerve function and communication within your body’s balance system.


The Hidden Trigger for Your Vertigo: Atlas Subluxation

If you’re struggling with BPPV, you’ve probably focused on your inner ear as the source of the problem. But did you know that the root cause might lie in your neck? A misalignment of your top neck bone, the Atlas, known as an Atlas Subluxation, can be a major contributor to vertigo and other health concerns.

Could Atlas Subluxation Be Affecting You? Ask Yourself:

  • Do you have a history of head or neck injuries? Even seemingly minor incidents like car accidents, sports concussions, or falls can impact your neck alignment over time.
  • Do you experience frequent headaches or neck pain? These could be signs of misalignment putting pressure on nerves in the upper neck.
  • Do your vertigo episodes worsen with specific head movements? If tilting or turning your head triggers dizziness, it might point to a misaligned atlas impacting your balance system.
  • Do you have other unexplained health issues? Atlas subluxation can disrupt nerve function throughout the body, potentially contributing to a wide range of symptoms.
vertigo relief in Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Chiropractor, Fort Wayne IN Chiropractic

The Importance of Proper Diagnosis with a Fort Wayne Chiropractor

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above questions, it’s worth exploring the possibility of Atlas Subluxation. Consulting with a Fort Wayne Chiropractor who specializes in Upper Cervical Care can help determine if this is a factor in your vertigo.

Remember: An atlas subluxation might not always cause obvious symptoms but could still be silently disrupting your health and well-being. It might also be the only thing impeding your efforts to achieving lasting vertigo relief in Fort Wayne.

Beyond Dizziness: How Fort Wayne IN Chiropractic Could Ease Your BPPV Symptoms

If sudden bouts of vertigo are disrupting your daily life, and you suspect BPPV, there’s hope beyond traditional remedies and relief options. NUCCA offers a unique and gentle approach that may bring long-lasting vertigo relief in Fort Wayne. NUCCA adjustments are remarkably gentle. As Dr. Staples explains in the video above, “We focus on precisely realigning your atlas bone, helping restore your body’s delicate balance system.

If you’re ready to explore natural and whole-body healing, a consultation with our Fort Wayne IN Chiropractic doctor might provide you with helpful insights. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Emily Staples and learn how this unique approach can potentially reduce your BPPV symptoms and help you regain control of your life.


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Staples, call our Fort Wayne office at (260) 308-5226. You can also click the button below. consultation 300x53 1 If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at
head pain, migraine relief in Fort Wayne IN, Fort Wayne Chiropractor, Fort Wayne Migraine Chiropractic Care

Stop Top-of-Head Pain and Live Your Best Life

head pain, migraine relief in Fort Wayne IN, Fort Wayne Chiropractor, Fort Wayne Migraine Chiropractic Care

Have migraines ever cast a shadow over your favorite hobbies, making it challenging to engage in activities you once found joy in? How did it feel when your migraine attack robbed you of the opportunity to pursue an outdoor activity you’ve been looking forward to? Have your attacks ever forced you to miss out on social gatherings or events, making you feel disconnected from your interests and community? 

If you enjoy creative hobbies like painting, writing, or crafting, have migraines ever stifled your creative flow and made it difficult to express yourself? What’s your go-to migraine relief in Fort Wayne IN? Do migraines bring you headaches on top of your head? Do you know what’s causing them? 

The causes of headaches on top of the head vary, ranging from tension headaches and migraines to more unusual types like cold-stimulus headaches and post-concussion headaches. Each has unique triggers and symptoms.


Different Types of Headaches

Headaches on the top of the head vary in intensity and sensation. Identifying the type is crucial for finding lasting migraine relief in Fort Wayne IN.

1. Tension Headaches

A common cause, tension headaches manifest as a dull, aching sensation, feeling like a tight band around your head. Stress is a known trigger, sometimes mistaken for or occurring alongside sinus headaches.

2. Chronic Headaches

Severe headaches on top of the head for 15 or more days per month may indicate chronic headaches affecting daily life.

3. Migraine Headaches

Neurological migraines cause pulsating headaches on the top of the head, affecting approximately 12% of adults.

4. Idiopathic Pain

Sudden, stabbing headaches without an identifiable cause are generally linked to migraines.

5. Cold-Stimulus Headaches

It is less common but usually happens when consuming cold foods or beverages too quickly.


Upper Cervical Care for Top-of-Head Pain and Migraine Relief in Fort Wayne IN

The role of a Fort Wayne Chiropractor in managing headaches, especially those on top of the head and migraine-related, is crucial. Using a non-invasive form of chiropractic care that focuses on the atlas (C1) and the axis (C2), chiropractic doctors like Dr. Emily Staples can help restore balance in the body. The gentle adjustments on the atlas bone corrects imbalance to ensure proper alignment with the head and maintain proper neurological function. 

A case study presented a 39-year-old woman with essential tremors and migraines, showing significant improvement with Upper Cervical Chiropractic care. Combining standard neurological care with the chiropractic method benefitted migraine patients in another research article. NUCCA discipline research demonstrated potential migraine relief by addressing misalignments at the top of the spine.

If you’ve been experiencing recurring headaches and migraine episodes, you can benefit from this type of care, too. Below are some aspects of how Upper Cervical Care can help:

1. Brainstem Pressure

Addressing misalignment in the C1 vertebra is critical. Even a slight misalignment can exert pressure on the brainstem, disrupting normal neurological functions and contributing to headaches.

2. Intracranial Pressure

Misalignments in the upper neck can impede cerebrospinal fluid flow and impact blood vessels, leading to increased intracranial pressure and severe headaches.

3. Reduced Blood Flow

The cervical spine’s misalignments can reduce blood flow, contributing to headaches. Proper alignment through upper cervical chiropractic adjustments alleviates these headaches by improving blood flow to the brain.

head pain, migraine relief in Fort Wayne IN, Fort Wayne Chiropractor, Fort Wayne Migraine Chiropractic Care

Explore Fort Wayne Migraine Chiropractic Care Today!

Embarking on a journey to reclaim the joy in your hobbies, free from the shackles of constant migraines, begins with taking a step towards lasting relief. If the throbbing pain on top of your head has become an unwelcome companion, hindering your ability to indulge in activities you love, consider exploring Fort Wayne Migraine Chiropractic Care

Imagine a life where migraines no longer dictate the rhythm of your days, where the pursuit of your passions is no longer compromised. Booking a visit to our office might be the transformative solution you’ve been yearning for. 

Take the first step – schedule a consultation with a Fort Wayne Chiropractor today. This isn’t just about managing pain; it’s about reclaiming your life and rediscovering the joy that your hobbies bring. Your journey to a headache-free, hobby-enriched life awaits, and the first chapter starts with a simple, enlightening conversation. Book your consultation with Dr. Emily Staples today to begin your path to lasting migraine relief in Fort Wayne IN.


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Staples, call our Fort Wayne office at (260) 308-5226. You can also click the button below. consultation 300x53 1 If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at
fibromyalgia relief in Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne chiropractor, Fort Wayne IN chiropractor

Unraveling the Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia relief in Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne chiropractor, Fort Wayne IN chiropractor

Imagine life as a constant battle. You wake up each morning feeling like you’ve barely slept, your body screaming in protest with every movement. Simple tasks, like taking a shower or making breakfast, require the same effort as running a marathon. Even your mind feels clouded, making it difficult to concentrate, remember things, or find joy in activities you once loved.

This is the harsh reality for many Fort Wayne residents living with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). These conditions can leave you feeling isolated, misunderstood, and desperate for relief. You may have tried countless medications, therapies, and lifestyle changes with only minimal or temporary improvement. It’s enough to make you doubt whether a better life is even possible.

Understanding your pain and your strong desire to find fibromyalgia relief in Fort Wayne, we thought of tackling the key things you must know about CFS and fibromyalgia. This way you can better understand your condition and determine the best ways for you to cope and lead a normal life.


Fort Wayne chiropractor Explains The Hidden Culprit: Could Your Body Be Working Against Itself?

Did you know that many patients who seek our Fort Wayne chiropractor for a consultation complain about CFS or fibromyalgia symptoms? Many of them struggle every day, especially when their symptoms flare up.  These debilitating conditions may have a surprising root cause.

While the causes of fibromyalgia and CFS are still debated, a crucial factor is often overlooked: past head or neck injuries. Even a seemingly minor accident years ago could have led to an atlas subluxation – a misalignment of the top vertebra in your neck. This misalignment creates a ripple effect of problems, putting immense strain on your delicate nervous system.

Think of your nervous system as your body’s master control center. When the atlas is out of place, it’s like a glitch in the system, distorting the messages traveling between your brain and the rest of your body. This disruption can lead to:

Increased sensitivity to pain, making even light touch feel unbearable.

  • Sleep disturbances that leave you exhausted, no matter how much rest you try to get.
  • Brain fog, making it hard to focus, remember, and enjoy mental activities.
  • A feeling of your body constantly fighting against you, with energy levels depleted and overall well-being compromised.


Consulting with a Fort Wayne IN chiropractor Offers Hope to Patients with CFS and Fibromyalgia

Upper cervical chiropractors, like Dr. Emily Staples at Atlas Chiropractic, offer a unique perspective on managing fibromyalgia and CFS. As a Fort Wayne IN chiropractor, Dr. Staples focus on the root of the problem rather than just chasing symptoms. By using precise and gentle adjustments, she works to restore the proper alignment of your atlas, removing the pressure on your nervous system and giving your body the chance to start healing from within.

fibromyalgia relief in Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne chiropractor, Fort Wayne IN chiropractor

Envision a Brighter Future with Atlas Chiropractic of Fort Wayne

Imagine waking up with less pain and stiffness. Feeling a wave of genuine refreshment after a good night’s sleep. Experiencing improved mental clarity and the ability to engage fully in life again. While not a guaranteed “solution”, Upper Cervical Care offers the potential for significant improvements in your quality of life.

Your Journey to Lasting Fibromyalgia Relief in Fort Wayne Starts Here

If you’re tired of living in the shadow of fibromyalgia or CFS, don’t give up. Our compassionate team at Atlas Chiropractic understands your struggle and wants to help. Dr. Emily Staples offers personalized consultations and gentle Upper Cervical Care to guide your body back to a state of balance. 

Take the first step towards reclaiming your health and enjoying lasting fibromyalgia relief in Fort Wayne – schedule an appointment today. Let this be the beginning of your journey towards a life defined by greater ease, comfort, and hope.


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Staples, call our Fort Wayne office at (260) 308-5226. You can also click the button below. consultation 300x53 1 If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at
Back Pain Chiropractor in Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Chiropractic, Fort Wayne Chiropractor

8 Signs You Must See a Back Pain Chiropractor in Fort Wayne

Back Pain Chiropractor in Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Chiropractic, Fort Wayne Chiropractor

Have you ever found yourself walking through the bustling streets of Fort Wayne, feeling a nagging pain in your back and wondering if it’s more than just the usual strain? You’re not alone. At Atlas Chiropractic, under the expert guidance of Dr. Emily Staples, we understand these challenges intimately. Let’s explore together the 10 signs that it’s time to consider seeking a consultation with our back pain chiropractor in Fort Wayne – not just for pain relief but for your overall health and future well-being.

#1. You have recurring headaches

Do you often battle headaches after a day exploring the Historic Old Fort or strolling along the Rivergreenway Trail? These could be due to dehydration, malnutrition, or even spinal misalignments. Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care can help ensure proper blood flow and oxygen supply to your nervous system. It also eliminates unnecessary tension from tugged muscles and joints along the misaligned section of your upper cervical spine.

#2. You have joint or muscle pain

If you’re experiencing joint or muscle pain, it’s not something to brush off after a day’s work in Fort Wayne. This discomfort could be a sign of misalignment. Gentle atlas adjustments can restore your body’s optimal function, enhancing blood flow and nerve conductivity.

#3. You have tingling pain when you sit for too long at the office

Do you spend hours working at a desk in Fort Wayne? If yes, do you notice tingling sensations in your lower back? Notably, poor posture can lead to significant spinal issues. These can also worsen existing atlas subluxation (one of the key triggers of chronic back pain and a key consequence of repetitive injuries to the head and neck). Regular consultation and adjustment can help you detect the problem and plan to ease your atlas and axis bones back in place.

#4. Your back pain hasn’t improved despite trying other remedies 

Chronic back pain is a clear signal to seek Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. Whether it’s from walking the city’s streets or your daily activities, atlas adjustments from our back pain chiropractor in Fort Wayne offer a non-invasive solution to relieve your pain.

#5. Your shoes feel uneven when you walk 

Ever noticed uneven wear on your shoes after your regular walks through the Fort Wayne Farmers Market? This could indicate a spinal misalignment, something that chiropractic care can effectively address.

#6. You notice limited range of motion

If you’re finding it harder to enjoy activities like kayaking on the Maumee River due to reduced flexibility, it’s time to consult a chiropractor. Adjustments can restore your range of motion, enhancing your overall well-being.

#7. You had a recent accident, and you haven’t consulted with a Fort Wayne Chiropractic doctor yet

Fort Wayne’s roads can be unpredictable. If you’ve been in an accident that led to whiplash or concussion, Fort Wayne Chiropractic is crucial for addressing the postural imbalances that might result from the events. A quick consultation and examination will help you prevent long-term damage and other health mishaps.

#8. One of your legs feels painful or numb (this is one of the reasons people visit a Fort Wayne Chiropractor!)

Do you experience leg pain or tingling, especially after activities like hiking the trails at Fox Island Park? This could be a sign of a pinched nerve or slipped disc, which adjustments from a Fort Wayne Chiropractor can alleviate.

Back Pain Chiropractor in Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Chiropractic, Fort Wayne Chiropractor

Call Atlas Chiropractic to Book Your Consultation with our Back Pain Chiropractor in Fort Wayne  

Recognizing these signs is crucial for your health journey. At Atlas Chiropractic, Dr. Emily Staples is committed to providing you with top-notch, noninvasive chiropractic care. Don’t let back pain hold you back from enjoying all that Fort Wayne has to offer. Schedule an appointment with our back pain chiropractor in Fort Wayne today to discover the potential of gentle atlas bone adjustments. We will take the time to understand your symptoms, previous neck and head injuries, and other factors that may be contributing to the pain you currently experience. Let us help you achieve the balance and well-being you deserve. Schedule your consultation with our practice today!


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Staples, call our Fort Wayne office at (260) 308-5226. You can also click the button below. consultation 300x53 1 If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at

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